Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tips to Clean Diamond Jewelery

Diamonds are the first and last choice of women. Diamonds are considered the strongest stone because there is less chance of breaking, cracking. Cleaning and maintenance of this precious stone is essential. If we will not care of diamonds, then they will lose their shine forever. When we wear jewelery our skin particles prevent the light from passing through stone. Therefore, we can maintain its shine with proper cleaning.

Diamond Jewelery
Following are the tips to keep diamonds as new forever at home.

  • Take one part of ammonia and six part of water. Mix them very well. Soak jewelery into this mixture. Gently rub the jewelery piece with soft brush. After that dry jewelery with cotton cloth.
  • Take a combination of soap solution and lukewarm water. Place the jewelery in it. Now Clean Diamond Jewelery with this mixture.
  • Wrap jewelery in cotton tissues and place in separate sections. Never wear jewelery in swimming pool which is full chlorine. Chlorine may damage jewelery shine.
  • Never wear jewelery when doing an activity, applying makeup.
  • There are some jewelery cleaner also available in the market to clean jewelery quickly. You must carefully read the instructions before using.
  • Regular inspection is also needed because we wear jewelery on daily basis. It is recommended that you must examine your jewelery once in a year.

Always remember regular care and proper shine will make the shine of diamond jewelery for a long time. So, you must be very alert to clean your jewelery from time to time.

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